Saturday, 2 February 2013

Happy 70th Birthday Graham Nash

So with today being Graham Nash's 70th birthday I thought I'd pay tribute to the man who released his fair share of killer pop "reckerds" over the years. Here's five of his best...

The Hollies - Everything Is Sunshine (1967)
The B-side to King Midas In Reverse. How could anyone resist this cute, two minute, popsike love song?

The Hollies - Elevated Observations? (1967)
My personal highlight from the Butterfly album, this wasn't included on the US version. Nash shares vocals with Allan Clarke here for one of the more blatant drug references of the era. Also one of my wife's favourite songs!

The Hollies - Jennifer Eccles (1968)
As close to bubblegum pop as the Hollies ever got. Nash shares the songwriting credit with Clarke on this, which would be his last single before departing the band, unhappy with the pop direction and rejection of his new, hipper songs. Cool video.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Our House (1970)
Nash's ode to domestic bliss, apparently written in under an hour and about his home that he shared with Joni Mitchell in Laurel Canyon. Quite possibly the finest tune in the Nash song book.

Crosby & Nash - Frozen Smiles (1972)
A bitter lyric about a friendship turned bad, but put to a positively optimistic tune. I like it when songwriters do that!


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  1. I heard a review of his autobiography and it is terrible he used drugs.