Monday, 19 November 2012

Bite It Deep - 1st Birthday Mix

Almost forgot to celebrate the first year of this blog!

Here's every song featured on this blog so far all in one 90 minute mix.


Hudson Brothers - Be A Man
Wolfe - Bite It Deep
Red Herring - Working Class Man
Chaos - Dance Dance Dance
Jamme - She Sits There
Sweet - Paperback Writer
NRBQ - That's Alright
Zuider Zee - Listen To The Words
Smyle - I'm So Heavy
Starry Eyed & Laughing - Closer To You Now
Sleepy Hollow - One Time
Gerry Morris - Only The Beginning
DBM&T - She Was A Raver
Tranquility - Nice And Easy
Junior Campbell - If I Call Your Name
Flame - Don't Worry Bill
Stackridge - Marigold Conjunction
Grumbleweeds - Never Before
Nicky Hopkins - Waiting For The Band
Jigsaw - No Questions Asked
Space Opera - Outlines
Nick Garrie - Little Bird
Remo Four - In The First Place
Elli - You've Only To Say
Telltale - Rainbow
Liverpool Echo - You Might As Well Surrender
Kit Russell - Peppers Last Stand
Barron Knights - To The Woods

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Barron Knights - One Man's Meat (1972)

The Barron Knights are known to most as a parody band. They had a number of hit singles between the 1960's and 1980's, their biggest hit being, "A Taste Of Aggro" from 1978, a song which parodies The Smurfs, Boney M and Brian & Michael's "Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs". It is not well known though that they started out as a straight pop in the early sixties group before becoming successful as a comedy act. In the early seventies, after a few years of little success, the Barron Knights decided to go straight again, releasing their pièce de résistance, the self produced, "One Man's Meat" on Penny Farthing records in 1972.

Nine of the Ten songs on the album are original compositions, penned by band members Peter Langford and Leslie "Butch" Baker.  Recorded at MorganRecorded Sound and Beck Studios, the album wears it's influences on it's sleeve and you can hear echoes of The Beatles, David Bowie, The Sweet and Badfinger. I promise, I'm not making this up!

The album opener and lead single, "You're All I Need" starts off with tribal drums and fuzz guitar and can be heard on the Electric Asylum Volume Three compilation. "Before You Leave" sounds like David Bowie doing Abbey Road with its George Harrison-esque slide guitar and might have been a better choice of single. "Bottle On The Shelf" is a prime Badfinger singalong with the band doing their best Lennon impressions. The orchestrated ballad, "Lonely" sounds almost like the Bee Gees but without the billy goat vocals. "You Know What I Mean" contains hints of psychedelia with it's church organ and dreamy vocals, it also has my favourite lyric on the album, "She may be a trifle small but I don't care at all, just take a look at her teeth".  

(L-R)  Duke D'Mond,  Dave Ballinger,  Peter Langford,  Butch Baker,  Anthony Osmond
Side two begins with a better than the original version of Hurricane Smith's "Don't Let It Die", a tune that Smith wrote, hoping that would be recorded by John Lennon. "Turning My Back On You" is a dead ringer for the Sweet circa 1972. I wonder if Noel Gallagher has ever heard "Oh Little Girl"? as it sounds remarkably like Oasis' "All Around The World". I'm a total sucker for a Beatlesque tune, especially one with hand claps, like "To The Woods", the album highlight and worth the price of the album alone. The LP closes with the Pete Ham styled piano ballad "Peaceful Life" and rounds off the perfect ten out of ten album and fades out to the lyrics "I'm not gonna pack my bags, I ain't gonna pack my bags"

This album really is a genuine killer and if it was by any other band it would be considered a lost masterpiece by the rock press. Having searched the web for info on this album it appears that little has even been written about "One Man's Meat" in the blogosphere with the exception of The Downstairs Lounge, a site dedicated to novelty records. So grab yourself a copy of this album straight away. If you're lucky one might turn up at your towns charity shop, I cheated and got my copy from ebay!

Also worth mentioning is "Nothin' Doin'", the b-side to "You're All I Need" which is bouncy piano pop reminiscent of Macca at his most playful.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Last weekend I found myself behind the wheel (yes, just the one) of steel.  A friend of mine was running a vintage fair, required some suitable music for the event and for some reason asked me to provide it.  A five hour session spinning retro tunes was not far off what I'd be doing on a Saturday afternoon anyway so I obliged and was set up in the corner of a primary school hall to blast out some popsike, toytown, power pop and some Beatlesque faves at a reasonable volume. I got to meet some interesting characters who live in the area ranging from some old bloke who upon hearing the Moody Blues made a beeline towards me to tell me the usual "You can't beat the sound of vinyl can ya?" right down to a toddler who seemed hypnotized by the spinning vinyl on the deck. I'm glad I brought along a ten minute version of the Beach Boys, Heroes and Villains Suite as it gave me plenty of time for a toilet break and a stretch of the legs.

Highlights from the day included...

Slade - Martha My Dear
The Californians - Congratulations
Fenwyck - Mindrocker
Ronnie Burns - Coalman
Merry Go Round - Listen, Listen

...and of course "Tonight" by New Kids on the Block. A Junipers favourite!

I'm hoping to get the vinyl out again soon, maybe start a Bite It Deep club night or even as part of the Junipers' gigs with some help from the other lads. Watch this space.

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Apple made this process of uploading a podcast as hard as they could. It took me a good evening to get these up, so gimme some good ratings please!