Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fresh Air - It Takes Too Long / Here Comes Summer (1972)

Fresh Air's recording lifespan lasted for a mere two singles (neither charted) from 1971 to 1972 with both being released on Philips and still selling cheaply when they turn up thanks to the Record Collector Price Guide's low listing price of £6 and £7. First single "Too Many Reasons" is a pleasant enough pop tune with a whiff of Badfinger attached to it, but it's the bands second single "It Takes Too Long" which, rightfully so, gets the most attention. 

Two of my favourite blogs, "Purepop" and "Left and to the Back" have previously posted articles on this record. The George Harrison influence is so strong here that you couldn't get away with writing about it and not giving at least one nod to the Quiet One. If we had to play spot the influences, which lets face it, is pretty much what this blog does in every post, I'd say it borrows heavily from the "All Things Must Pass" album, especially "My Sweet Lord" and "What Is Life" but without the five drum kits, ten acoustic guitars, three bass guitars and the rest à la typical Phil Spector style.  Fresh Air's production was handled by David Knights who may or may not have been the bass player for Procol Harum. Knights also shares the songwriting credit with Myers. Again, I'm taking an educated guess here in saying that this may be Mike Myers who had co-written songs with Greenaway & Cook also on Philips around the same time. 

The B-side "Here Comes Summer" is a great laid back acoustic and vocal harmony driven number which straight away got me thinking of "Sun King" by the Beatles. An albums worth of songs of this standard would have been amazing but Philips clearly decided that two flops were all they were going to allow Fresh Air. If anyone knows what Myers/Knights did next, please get in contact.

 I'll most likely include "Here Come Summer" on a future Bite It Deep mix so for now, dig this...

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