Friday, 27 April 2012

Bite It Deep Volume 1 (Mixcloud)

Whenever I get time, I'll be posting 45 minute mixes featuring music I love and that relates to this blog.
Enjoy Volume 1.....

Honeybus - How Long
Grapefruit - Another Game
PC Kent - After Dark
Los Brincos - Nobody Wants You Now
Harry Nilsson - Bath
Vaughan Thomas - Blue Movie Man
Stealers Wheel - Everything Will Turn Out Fine
Grisby Dyke - The Adventures Of Miss Rosemary La Page
Stackridge - Amazingly Agnes
Flying Circus - Old Enough (To Break My Heart)
Mortimer - Dedicated Music Man
Barnaby Bye - Marsha Mamaillia
Flying Machine - Flying Machine
Harmony Grass - Mrs Richie
We All Together - Beautiful People

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