Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sweet - Paperback Writer (1971)

There are literally millions of Beatles cover versions out there. This is easily one of the best.

The Sweet had been paying their dues for a few years prior to this, releasing the odd killer psych single here and there.  Around the time of their debut album proper "Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be", the lads took to the BBC studios to tackle the Fab's "Paperback Writer".

Originally aired on Brian Matthew's Top Of The Pops radio show in 1971, the energy on the track is immense. Mick Tucker's drum fills paired with Steve Priest's Bass, cranked up to eleven, elevate this already perfect tune to new heights, there is even a little Hammond organ whirling away in the background if you listen closely...and I've not even mentioned the vocal harmonies yet!!!  Most people who know this tune (me included) even prefer it to the original.  Blasphemy I know, but you can't argue with results.

The track eventually surfaced backed with the BBC version of "Chop Chop", as a Japanese only, coloured vinyl (a bootleg natch!).  I've seen it yellow, blue, orange and black wax so far. Mines grey! Pick one up while you still can.

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