Friday, 16 December 2011

NRBQ (1973-1978)

NRBQ are an eclectic bunch.  The albums that I have heard; the ones from the 1970's, cover a wide spectrum of musical styles from Rockabilly to Free Jazz, but it's when they play that Byrdsy/Beatlesy, power pop style that I'm most interested.

Chart wise, the band have never seen much action; their highest US position being number 70 on the Billboard chart back in 1974. Despite the lack of chart success, the band have continued to release albums and tour and have been a live favourite for many years building up a loyal following.  Apparently Macca is a fan!

It's hard for me to recommend any single album, but if you can pick the best tracks from Workshop (1973), All Hopped Up (1977) and NRBQ At Yankee Stadium (1978) you'll make a neat compilation. Here's mine...
01 - I Want You Bad
02 - That's Alright
03 - Deaf, Dumb 'an Blind
04 - Ridin' In My Car
05 - It Feels Good
06 - Still In School
07 - Green Lights
08 - Talk To Me
09 - I Got A Little Secret
10 - Just Ain't Fair
11 - It's Not So Hard
12 - Hymn #9

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