Monday, 12 October 2015

Back soon

I'm sorry I've not been able to post any music on here for a while. I've been involved in a very long process of moving house. My back has only just recovered from moving my records from my old place to the new. No internet or access to vinyl ripping equipment has made it impossible and also having a few spare hours a week to blog now seems like a luxury while I'm renovating a place that hasn't had a fresh lick of paint for what looks like about 30 odd years!

I've still been buying loads of records including plenty of fab Beatlesque and Harmony Pop killers that are perfect for this blog. Hopefully I'll be posting again before the end of the year. 


  1. Take your time... I'll be happy to read you in near future. There are lots of goodies here that I haven't explored yet.

  2. Hello Peter, Richard Orange, here. Ive left you an email somewhere in "Bite It Deep" with some details on the release of "lost", "Zuider Zee" tracks on "Light In The Attic Letters." I haven't been given the go ahead to announce this so you are the first i've told. You got the scoop! Mainly because i was just in your wonderful site and it just hit me to let you know. I don't have a release date just yet so its early, but i am in process of signing off on the contracts. (See the other email)
    Congratulations on you "Silver Sea" release deal! Is it available yet? Love what i have heard!
    That;s all for now. Sorry about your back, oddly, i also just moved and suffered a bad fall off an embankment and am now mending a severe, "rotator cuff" injury in my right shoulder. Life was safer when we were on the road, eh?
    (laughs) Right then, hope to hear from you or and by the by did you catch the release from my teenage years on Guerssen Records (Vinyl) and on CD at GearFab Records? "The Red Day Album" by Thomas Edison's Electric Light Bulb Band. Maybe you'll check it out., And many other retailers. I would see one but i can't get off that "couch", presently.
    Speak soon, hopefully.
    Always the best~
    Richard Orange

  3. Hi Peter, thanks for your great blog. I am looking forward to your next post. Al the best!

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