Friday, 2 May 2014

Rick Jones - Twixt You And Me (1971)

Here's another record with children's television connections. British readers of a certain age will remember Rick Jones from Playschool and Fingerbobs, but I doubt that many will remember the Canadian's two solo albums. I've not heard the second of the two, "Hiya Maya" from 1972, but I do have in my possession his first, "Twixt You And Me". Released on Argo Records in 1971, it contains seven of Jones original compositions, six co-written with Jeffrey Alexander Ryan (Georgie Fame's sideman) and a couple of covers including a flute driven version of the Beatles' "Blackbird". The overall Soft Pop sound of the album will appeal to anyone who likes the first Peter Sarstedt LP. Don't get too excited though, it is by no means a classic, but within it's grand production, courtesy of Frederick Woods, are a few songs worth mentioning on this blog.

Rick Jones - Smell My Fingerbob
"Saskatchewan Sunrise" with it's ultra laid back vocal reminds me of Gerry Rafferty's early solo work. The similarly mellow "Mornin'" strolls along with a spring in it's step, a proper feel good song bringing to mind Kenny Rankin's "Peaceful". "The Child From The Future" is the real winner on here, written in the perspective of a child in the year 2023 where predictably, the planet is left in a bit of a shit hole. It's the closest on the album that we come to rocking out (in a Sandie Shaw, Reviewing The Situation kind of way!) with some swirling Hammond organ and wailing fuzz guitar solo, both low in the mix, naturally!

Because of it's general rarity and nice psychedelic sleeve, eBay sellers might try to fool you into thinking this is an acid folk or a lost stoner psych classic. That's not to say Jones wasn't stoned when he made it! What it is, is pure Soft Pop! Keep your eye out for it in the charity shops and car boots. Dig...


  1. Always good to see what other idiots think of things you did so long ago. I'm still writing and recording - did a gig with Morgan Fisher of Mott The Hoople last week in Tokyo with my wife and good friend Valerie Neale. How many LP's have you made so far? I released my twelfth last year -check it out - LIFE DRAWING. Good luck with your future artistic endeavors. Rick.

  2. Loved Rick Jones stuff with Meal Ticket , "keeping the faith" maybe my all time favourite. Have both of his solo albums, like em both .