Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bite It Deep Volume 20

The last mix for a while...

Rockin' Horse - Lonely Norman
Excelsior Spring - It
Bread - Easy Love
Hamlet - I Should Have Known
U (Don't) Know Who - Now And Again Rebecca
Amazing Blondel - Easy Come, Easy Go
Junior Campbell - Goodbye Baby Jane
Trane - Misty Lady
Klaatu - Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III (Original Vocal Mix)
Rain - You Take Me Higher
Harlan County - Almost Knew You
The Tremeloes - Hands Off
Pandamonium - I Am What I Am
Festival - Today
Mother Nature - Clear Blue Sky

Kensington Market - Said I Could Be Happy


  1. Wonderful set. From the leadoff Rockin' Horse cut thru Goodbye Baby Jane is divine. Festival's Today - yay. Well done Peter!

  2. Last mix for awhile? Not a problem -- you deserve a break. I'm still absorbing all the fine tunes from the previous 19 volumes. My work involves spirit-killing data entry, so playing your mixes while I'm inputting information makes the job almost enjoyable. I always keep a pen handy so I can write down the artists I want to further explore. It's usually a pretty long list!

    Anyway, I love your taste in music. I think I have yet to hear a song here that I wouldn't want to hear again. I thought I had a pretty good grasp of all the artists doing Beatlesque pop, but you've opened up a whole can of Apple-eating worms. Each mix has about five or six songs I'm unfamiliar with. Even my three year old son is a fan. He's usually in the room when your mixes are playing. I didn't think he was paying attention, but a few days ago I was driving him to school when I heard him singing to himself: "Ask me why am I singing this song. Ask me why are you singing along..." Yes, forget the Wiggles -- my son is down with Tinsley!

    The above is yet another stellar mix. Really like that Klaatu with the original vocal mix -- don't really like the Muppet-like version on the album. And that Rain song has always been a favorite. The dreamy "Let Our Hopes Run Our Dreams" is also a gem from that album.

    And Popville -- didn't I used to trade mixes with you back in the day when Art of the Mix was at its peak? I was known as Moe.