Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Wake - Angelina (1969)

In 1969, five years before claiming the UK number one chart position with the Rubettes' "Sugar Baby Love", keyboard player/vocalist Bill Hurd was fronting psych/pop band The Wake. Also in the band were, John Edmunds (vocals, lead guitar, autoharp), Chris Weeks (bass, vocals, autoharp), Tony Miles (drums, percussion). The Wake were active from 1969 to 1971, releasing six singles (one on Pye and five on Carnaby records) and an LP of, progressive pop entitled "23:59", which I've heard and would be pretty disappointed if I'd just shelled out £200 for a copy.

For me, the best recording by the Wake is their first single, "Angelina", which is a pure pop gem of bouncy McCartney-esque piano that has always reminded me of "Care Of Cell 44" by the Zombies, but without the sinister twist in the lyrics. The songwriting is credited to Mark West (aka Radio Luxembourg DJ Mark Wesley) and Keith Bonser (later of hard rock outfit, Zior), who were also trying to achieve pop success at same time under the name "Cardboard Orchestra". The B-side "So Happy", written by Hurd, is a decent enough tune with some nice hooks and a fab acoustic guitar solo.
The following singles by the Wake are pleasant enough but nothing worth raving about or spending too much of your hard earned dosh on, with the exception of "Live Today Little Girl", comped on Mixed Up Minds Vol.1 and "Linda" which was featured on the Left and to the Back blog.

The Wake - Angelina

Early in the morning, 
Jump out of bed
Look out your window, 
Come on, you sleepy head

When I say those little words like "I Love You"
There's a look of sunshine in my eyes
Angelina waiting for them every day
Naughty girl, your sky blue eyes are giving you away

Tell me what you're gonna do now
Now that the morning is here
Looking like a new day
Acting in a strange way
Oh oh

Now it's the evening
Sun is nearly gone
Gliding for some moonlight
Come on and come along

Just a silly feeling
Etching on the ceiling

Good morning, morning, morning


  1. Love love love this song, Peter! Great choice. Like you, I'm a sucker for bouncy McCartney-esque pop songs -- and this one is textbook. Some excellent harmonizing as well, and I like all the "good mornings" in the fade out. I found Live Today Little Girl on i-Tunes. They appear to have all of the Mixed-Up Mind compilations, which have a number of cool Beatlesque tunes from long forgotten bands from the 60s and 70s. Not sure about the questionable airbrushed sci-fi covers, but I digress... Ion

  2. Wow, I've just found this! My dad is John Edmonds who played guitar in this band. I will pass on this to him. He's still playing and gigging in Essex.