Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bitter Almond - Silver (1970)

I bought this record about a year ago, probably mistaking it for the Almond Marzipan single after hours of flicking through piles of 45's. "In The Morning" b/w "Silver" is a great pop double sider and turns up very often, making me suspect it was a minor hit. Cheap too! Someone has made the effort to make a video on Youtube adding the a-side over black and white footage of a band that doesn't look like the Bitter Almond that appear on the German single's picture sleeve.

I've spent the last few days trying to find some info on Bitter Almond and got absolutely nowhere. Usually Google gives a few clues, but this time absolutely zilch! There was another single by a band called Bitter Almond, "Loving Each Other" b/w "We Need Someone". I've heard the latter song on Lost Jukebox Vol.178 and while it's an ace song, I'm not sure it is the same band. The German label states that it is a USA production but it sounds pure British to my ears. The songwriting is credited to A. Blake and B. Kretzchmar, whether they were member of the band is anyone's guess. Both sides were arranged by Tony Cox, who appears to be a bit of a freelance arranger, working with Barry Ryan, Toast, Jonathan King, Mick Softley and Yes for various record labels. The producer is down as Alfalfa, whose name has turned up just once, as a producer for a Phil Pickett single from 1971.

Bitter Almond (1970) Recognise any of these guys?

And that's about it! No real info this time but if anyone knows anything about Bitter Almond, who they were, what they did before/after please get in touch and update this post.

Here's what the enigmatic bunch sounded like...


  1. The band consisted of Nick Frost (vocals), Trevor Danby (lead guitar), Robin Lodge (bass, ex-Kippington Lodge), Alan Harley (organ), Dick Errington (sax / flute), Terry Danby (rhythm guitar) and Billy Kite (drums, ex-JJ Jackson, Terry Reid, Zoot Money). They had an early setback when Lodge damaged his leg in a motorway crash, and was briefly replaced by Tony Blake (composer of In The Morning). Their 45 came out in June 1970.

    1. How did you come by this info Richard? I'd be interested to know. Alan.

  2. TRying to contact Richard Dick Errington do you have any info ?

  3. Alan Harley here and yes it's me in the pic(middle row on the left). I would love to know the whereabouts of the rest of the guys. Anyone know? 01603 734733