Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Toffee Sunday Smash (podcast)

You can find some really great music on Mixcloud these days. Music fans from around the world are spending their time, love and effort creating some amazing mixes and sharing them with the rest of us. One Mixcloud user that will be of interest to readers of this blog is Andy Morten, a name that will be familiar to readers of Shindig! magazine.

A few years ago Morten did a monthly podcast focussing on the UK psychedelic scene of the mid nineteen sixties to early seventies. Each show was jammed packed with equal amounts of psych classics and obscurities (and some great jingles too!) with plenty of interesting information about the artists read out by Morten in the gaps. I for one will most definitely be re-listening to these shows as and when they are uploaded.

Track them down, have a listen and spread the word you lucky people!!!

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