Sunday, 7 April 2013

Nimbo - Maisie Jones / Forget Her (1971)

Nimbo were a four piece, British Power Pop band comprising of Gordon Smith (guitar), Dave Powell (drums), Bruce Evans (bass) and John Wilson (guitar, vocals). The group cut two singles for PYE records during 1971-72, their first single is a dead ringer for Badfinger and at the time there were whispers that this was a mid-sixties Beatles demo, one listen to a-side "Maisie Jones" with it's neat harmonies and 'high in the mix bass', the comparisons become clear. B-side "Forget Her" is equally brilliant. A great example of early 1970's post-Beatles, melodic pop (e.g. the stuff I cream over!)

Nimbo circa 1972
Their second single on PYE is a cover of the 1968 Bee Gees album track "When The Swallows Fly". I've never heard this or its b-side "Noticeingly By" but I'm sure it's ace. If anyone has an mp3 of either, I'd love to hear them. In 1973 the band signed to Mowest, changing their name to The Rockits for two singles before splitting up. Wilson and Powell recruited Tommy Evans and Bob Jackson from the recently disbanded Badfinger to form the Dodgers although neither of them lasted in the band long enough to see the release of their fantastic "Love On The Rebound" LP in 1978. There is a cool video of the original line up performing "I Just Wanna Love You" in 1976 here. You can read more about the Dodgers and a little bit about Nimbo on this very informative Badfinger website.

Dig Maisie Jones...

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