Thursday, 1 November 2012


Last weekend I found myself behind the wheel (yes, just the one) of steel.  A friend of mine was running a vintage fair, required some suitable music for the event and for some reason asked me to provide it.  A five hour session spinning retro tunes was not far off what I'd be doing on a Saturday afternoon anyway so I obliged and was set up in the corner of a primary school hall to blast out some popsike, toytown, power pop and some Beatlesque faves at a reasonable volume. I got to meet some interesting characters who live in the area ranging from some old bloke who upon hearing the Moody Blues made a beeline towards me to tell me the usual "You can't beat the sound of vinyl can ya?" right down to a toddler who seemed hypnotized by the spinning vinyl on the deck. I'm glad I brought along a ten minute version of the Beach Boys, Heroes and Villains Suite as it gave me plenty of time for a toilet break and a stretch of the legs.

Highlights from the day included...

Slade - Martha My Dear
The Californians - Congratulations
Fenwyck - Mindrocker
Ronnie Burns - Coalman
Merry Go Round - Listen, Listen

...and of course "Tonight" by New Kids on the Block. A Junipers favourite!

I'm hoping to get the vinyl out again soon, maybe start a Bite It Deep club night or even as part of the Junipers' gigs with some help from the other lads. Watch this space.

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