Friday, 19 October 2012

Bite It Deep Volume 6 (Mixcloud)

Volume 6

Chas Mills And Mark Wirtz - What's Good For The Goose
The Jackpots - Jack In The Box
Omnibus - Somebody's Watching You
David Explosion - Mister Hardy
The Searchers - Desdemona
Bloom - Don't Break This Heart
Second Hand - Good Old '59
Music Motor - Where Am I Going
The Majority - Our Love Will Be So Strong
John Kongos - Flim, Flam Pharisee
Kajanus & Pickett - Flying Machine
Keith West - Wherever My Love Goes
Sleepy Hollow - I Surrender
Stained Glass - Mediocre Me
Wolfe - Tale Of Two Cities
Barnaby Bye - The Way

1 comment:

  1. Great compilation! I listened it with big pleasure! Thank you for the magical work!