Saturday, 1 September 2012

More Zuider Zee...(YouTube)

One of my best discoveries of last year was the Zuider Zee album from 1975 on Columbia records. One of my first blog entries (and the most popular, see here) was a reappraisal of the album which I consider a genuine lost pop classic and which shockingly, remains to be re-issued.

To my absolute delight, this morning I've found that a YouTube user going under the name of UncleRiko1 has recently uploaded three Zuider Zee rarities for our listening pleasure.  Not only are all three songs killers but the accompanying videos show some great photos of the band playing live and in the studio. Much like the album, the three songs are in the McCartney/Badfinger style that songwriter, Richard Orange, managed to craft so well.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do...

1. Better Than All The Others

2. Lana

3. Night Light

Thanks to for alerting me of these songs.

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